About Us

We are passionate about creating Innovative and High Quality Paint Brushes to improve the lives of our painters. We use the finest filaments imported from across the world and blended with proprietary formulas to pick up just the right amount of paint. We are continuously on the lookout for technologically superior filaments to make it easier for our painters to deliver impeccable finish day in and day out. Everything we do is to ensure the painter spends less time concerned with the performance of the brush and more time perfecting the finish.

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Our Products

  • Paint Brush
  • Decorating Tools & Accesories
  • Paint Brush Raw Material

Masking Tape

Paint Stirrer

4 inch Roller

Paint Tray

Wire Brush

9 inch Roller

0.5" Brush

0.75" Brush

1" Brush

1.5" Brush

2" Brush

2.5" Brush

Paint Brush Head

Paint Brush Epoxy Resin Gum

Paint Brush Wooden Handles

Stainless Steel Ferrules

Wooden Plugs

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