Paint Brush Raw Materiels

While we are manufacturing High Quality Paint Brushes to countries around the world we are also there to help the Paint Brush manufacturers in providing them the same high quality Raw Materiel’s we use on our products. As we are the manufacturer of our raw materiel’s we are able to customize the sizes, design, colour, shapes of any of our raw materiel’s to suit Paint Brush manufacturers around the world.

We use cutting edge technology machines to produce all our raw materiel’s that gives us the capacity and assurance of highest quality.

Paint Brush Gum (Hardner + Resin + Filler )

  • Specialized gum made for Paint Brush Manufacturing
  • Curing time 12 hours
  • Use for both Oil Based and Water Base Brush making
  • Doesn't dissolve with Thinner, Water and all other chemicals used when painting
  • Perfect curing timing to stop gum from dripping into filaments

Paint Brush Head

  • With our expertise and experienced team we manufacture highest quality Paint Brush heads for Paint Brush manufacturers around the world
  • Able to produce brush heads using all types of filaments for all ferrule sizes
  • Every brush head is fully hand made with Quality inspected
  • Our specialized gum resistant for both Oil and Water base is used on all brush heads

Wooden Plugs

  • High quality wooden plugs for paint brush head manufacturing
  • Clean cut smooth surface wood
  • Sizes available from ½” to 6” with any required thickness

Stainless Steel Ferrules

  • High quality Stainless Steel Ferrules
  • Size embossed in inches and mm on each side
  • Brand Name can be embossed if required
  • Sizes available from ½” to 6”

0.5" Ferrule

0.75" Ferrule

1" Ferrule

1.5" Ferrule

2" Ferrule

2.5" Ferrule

3" Ferrule

4" Ferrule

5" Ferrule

6" Ferrule

Wooden Handles

  • High quality wooden paint brush handles
  • Kiln Dried Treated Rubber wood handles
  • Available in all regular paint brush handle shapes
  • Automatic machine cut to give precise even cuts on every handle
  • Counter sunk on all sizes if required to hang the brush
  • Brand name print if required in any colour
  • Sizes available from ½” to 6” with any required thickness

0.5" Handle

0.75" Handle

1" Handle

2" Handle

2" Oval Handle

2" Top Cut Handle

2.5" Handle

3" Handle

4" Handle

5" Handle

6" Handle

Oval & Top Cut Handles